Stamp River Lodge Health Safety Plan

2021 Lodge Operations

We are planning for another awesome fall season this year.  Although we are still waiting for the summer health regulations to unfold, we are prepared, if required to, operate like we did last season with our approved Covid safety plan. We do hope for a more "normal" year....

The plan deployed in 2020:

In the background we have a 20 page health safety plan we are deploying, much of it you won't see but here is what you will see:

Change The Benefit
  • Physical Distancing 2M or more from others outside of your travel pod.
  • A travel pod is no more than 6 persons (similar to the amount that are permitted to dine together in BC restaurants)
  • A face cover will be warn when these distances can unpredictably not be adhered
  • Face covers should be handy at all times, around neck ready for use.
Protecting each other from droplets that can carry Covid-19. Physical distancing is a proven strategy to prevent the spread of the illness.
Meal Delivery Service to your travel pod at your individual table for all lodge meals Removed the risks associated with larger group tables.
Eliminated the dining crowd possibilities
Removed risks associated with buffets
Provincial Health Office restaurant guidelines adopted and in place  Eliminates potential cross contamination from dishes and dish washing. Protects you and our crew.
Room bedroom cleaning only after checkout No daily maid service reduces interaction of room to room movement. Your room, is your safe room!
PHO Hotel Industry Standards Room Clean before your check in New standards designed and approved by the Provincial Health Office.
Your travel pod will fish with the same guide the entire time Reduces the interaction / touch points by 300% (we normal rotate guides 4 times over the trip.
More tables of smaller sizes spaced distantly throughout the property decks More spaces for your smiling faces. 
Hand Sanitizer Stations throughout the property Its always handy!
  • Facecovers required aboard Vessel and maximizing distance whenever possible
Everyone is protected from each others most talking at times when we may be closer than 2M apart.

When physical distance of 2M can be maintained from guests and guide while fishing, face covers are not required, but must be handy.
New morning meeting protocols to load trucks/boats and spread out travel pods Reduces interaction with other travel pods and staff.

2020 Detailed Safety Plan (2021 TBA)
Guest Preparation Document - Circulated in advance
48 Hr Pre Arrival Health Check Online Form
 Vessel Master / Office Roles

We hope you are as excited as we are to be getting out fishing this fall


See you soon!

Mask on - Fish On!

The Murphy’s

David and Marilyn, and the rest of the Murphy Crew.