Covid-19 Discussion

Greetings fellow fish fans.

Like yourselves we are looking forward to the summer fishing season, several months ahead. We are also hopeful that by the time your trip dates arise the issues around Covid-19 will be well behind.

We assure you that we will be here when things get back to normal, even if its a new normal. Our company is well positioned.

Because of the uncertainty that many face right now with travel and/or health concerns, as it relates to the Covid-19, Murphy’s recognizes some of the thinking many of you are undertaking.

We have been reviewing the situation daily and are being very fluid in our thinking.  We are all in this together and want to provide everyone with confidence, that you don't need to worry about your trip.

As a start, we are not processing balance due amounts until we are confident that your trip is a go, and that you are able to attend.  We are waiving the normal 90 advance payment requirements. So we can reassess when your trip approaches. We assure you that your perspective will the driving factor in that reassessment on a trip by trip basis.

If for any reason in the future, pertaining to Covid-19, you decide to delay or postpone your trip, we will provide you a future credit for your exact trip, for no additional fee in either this year, or in any future year.

We know how hard it can be to secure dates with Ucluelet and Kyuquot being so popular. So if the trip can't happen, you will not loose your "seniority" for your dates for the following year.

 • No extra fees for changes

 • No expiration.

 • Price protected (if rates go up at a future date, you are still good for the same trip)

 • Any available dates

We support you and your group in the choices you make without any pressure now to worry about travel decisions.

We will keep in touch, and you can feel good knowing, that if required, you can reassess as your trip approaches.

Best Wishes and Fishes,

Stay safe.

See you soon!

David and Marilyn, and the rest of the Murphy Crew.