Transition to Steelhead Time!

Low and cooling water conditions prompt the Salmon Spawn

October 18 2013

Chrome SteelheadLow and cooling water conditions have prompted the Chinook to start spawning.  This triggerd the beginning of the Steelhead season as they have begun to gorge on the salmon spawn. This event turned on like a light switch.

More river opened up the last two days for fishing for Coho and Steelhead.  These waters are known to hold both of these species.  For those who want their best chance of catching the elusive Steelhead, fall is your best opportunity.
Gerry has a good one on!Fishing with bait casting gear using artificial bait and wool for Steelhead.  Casting Spinners or flies for Coho in the upper river.  Today is the first day we are into the new open area of the lagoon for Coho so will provide a report with those results shortly. 

Effort in the river is dropping so there is very little pressure in the best spots on the river.  Watch for the river to continue to drop and lighten up on gear size (line and lure size).

With the popularity of Steelhead fishing, today we moved our 4th boat into the upper river.  Last week more Coho moved in and the lower river got another good push of fish. 

You can still anticipate good fishing opportunities in the middle and lower sections. This should be a good week for those who are coming anticipating the Steelhead to be on!

Learn more about Steelhead on our Steelhead pages.
  Landed beauty Stamp River Coho

Chrome Jack Chinook Salmon   Big Black Bear Headinig To River to Fish

Heading up the stamp in a misty morning   Twin Black Bear Cubs - Curious as jet boat drifts by...

Fish numbers through the counters to date as of Oct 15:

Through October 13, a total of 50,126 adult coho, 3616 coho jacks, 26,915 adult Chinook, 632 Chinook jacks, 89,016 adult sockeye, and 93,583 sockeye jacks are estimated to have passed through the Stamp falls fishway.  Through October 14, a total of 13,983 adult coho, 1080 coho jacks, 85 adult Chinook, 122,129 adult sockeye, and 334,081 sockeye jacks are estimated to have passed through the Sproat falls fishway.

Since October 7, daily escapement counts through the Stamp Falls fishway ranged between 254 and 961 adult Chinook, and 91 and 294 adult coho. Adult sockeye daily escapement since October 7 ranged from 0 to 12 at the Stamp falls fishway.  A small pulse of sockeye through the Sproat fishway has continued, with daily sockeye adults since October 7 ranging from 1 to 44 and daily sockeye jacks ranging from 12 to 78. 

Chinook Return as of Oct 18 2013   Coho Returns as of October 18 2013

River Temperature Trends as of October 10

The discharge rate is still high but has decreased over the past week and river temperatures have continued to decrease.  Over the past week river temperatures have ranged between 15.0 and 15.9
oC at the Sproat fishway (Figure 4).  Temperature data from the Stamp Falls fishway is currently unavailable because the HOBO environmental monitoring system is experiencing technical difficulties.   Water Temperature Trend as of October 18 2013

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This weeks featured menu items at Murphy's Riverside Lodge

This season brings fresh new "Haute cuisine" to the Riverside featuring Chef Matt Dunk.  His five course gourmet preparations are being enjoyed by guests with rave reviews.  Here is some samples from this weeks menu. 

Rosemary Roasted Loins over Fresh Grilled Vegetables   Savoury Dungueness Crab Cakes with Avacado Salsa and Picante Sauce   Cheesecake Pastry with Tart Berry Coolee and Cream

Great time after fishing!
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