Storm Raises River to Expected Heights - Look forward to the drop!

Big Waters should push in new fish

December 9, 2014

The Storm has peaked today and so is the Rivers with the melting snow in the mountains. The river level charts below indicate the height and condition.  It is in flood stage right now and has doubled its normal flow and is mud brown in the lower sections and dangerous to be on or near the river today, lots of big debris moving swiftly downstream.  Head down to the Somass bridge if you want to witness the event.

Even with the storm early this week, the upper upper river should still be fishable by the weekend, as it stays clear from the Ash River up...weekend plans should still be good to go. Traditionally we see major movements of fish with high water events signaling those in the ocean to head to the streams.

The storm on Day 1 came with predicted events of rain to 100mm however amounts to 200 are not expected now which is a change for the original forecast. The brunt of the storm and rainfall has already passed. Will be interesting to see what happens at big moon high tide today (11.5 feet) in the downtown area of Port Alberni! See the forecast chart below for the week.

The lower river will take more time to clear up. The Sproat however is a short system that clears up fast so that may also be a consideration for the weekend. Stay tuned!

On a different note our guides, Kevin and Shaun, encountered an anomaly over the weekend while Steelhead fishing, they encountered a beautiful fresh large Chinook Salmon! In December! 

They thought it was going to be a record Steelhead based on the fight and size and how Chrome the fish was. A shocker to see it was a Chinook!

That experience would may anyones knees weak!
  Winter in River Chinook Salmon!!

Most of the fish in the lower system are mostly still fall Steelhead.  The upper River continues to be the most productive. 

Steelhead will be caught on the Stamp River everyday from now until mid April. Steelhead fishing is a BC tradition that has deep roots and I can’t think of better place to enjoy such a past time,

This weeks weather forecast:

Stamp River Weather Forecast Dec 9 2014

Stamp River Water Conditions (click on image to expand)

Stamp River Level Dec 9 2014 last 7 days   Stamp River Levels Dec 9 2014 for Last 30 days trend   Rain Fall as of Dec 9 2014

*Stamp River unavailable at this time, using Sproat River to indicate trend

2014 Regulations:

Hatchery Steelhead may be retained. Two per day and 4 in possession is the limits. A steelhead conservation endorsement is required on the fresh water licence. All Wild Steelhead must be released. single barbless hooks required.

Also note that your licence has to be printed. An electronic format on a device such as an iphone does not qualify as licence. Steelhead must be recorded on licence immediately upon landing them.

Here are snippets from the Regulations about The Stamp, Sproat and Ash Rivers.

The detailed 2014/15 Vancouver Island detailed fishing regulations are available for download in PDF format.

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Winter Steelhead Fishing Options from $225

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David and Marilyn Murphy (brother and sister team)

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