Stamp River & Area Streams Med-High and Dropping

Steelhead & Chum

Oct 16 2015
Greetings from Port Alberni!

Well the last weeks big rain event sent the signal for the Chinook to move into the upper reaches and start to spawn and the Chum are moving into the estuaries now.  Also the switch turned on for the Summer and Fall Steelhead to feed on the Salmon Spawn.

Trips this past week have been diversified because of the water conditions being a little high for ideal fly fishing, but great for gear!  We have been fly fishing some of the other area rivers with great success for Chum Salmon.  The Upper Stamp River has become predominately Steelhead now.

Our focus is now on Steelhead and Chum, if you are thinking about fishing this fall, we have dates open!


October 2015 Stamp River SteelheadSince the Chinook have started to move into the upper river the Steelhead are out now looking to prey upon their eggs.  Success this past week has been good with some great landings on the fly!  If this is on your list we have space in the coming week to set you up. Look for Steelhead to stay aggressively feeding on the Salmon start to spawn through October.

Chum Salmon:

Nice Vancouver Island Chum October 2015   Chrome Vancouver Island Chum Salmon on the Fly

Some epic battles on the fly this year while anglers have encountered larger than normal Chum salmon. A catch and release fishery in the lower Stamp River and neighboring Rivers.

Watch for more Chum to be moving in during the coming weeks.


Stamp River Fall Chinook

While we are no longer targeting Chinook this bright fellow took us by surprise in the Somass River this week. A fish of a lifetime for Brandon from Ireland.  The beauty was quickly released in great shape to move on up river.

2015 Regulations:

The detailed 2015 fishing regulations for the Stamp and Somass can be found online here.

This weeks weather forecast:

10 day weather forecast

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Fall Stamp River Fishing Options

Fall Stamp River Fishing Options

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