Ucluelet and Barkley Sound Fishing Report
April 31 2019

West Coast Vancouver Island 2019 Fishing Outlook / Regulations (link):

April 30 2019 Barkley Sound Chinook   Our fleet has started its annual Spring Salmon fishing trips in Barkley sound and the nearshore areas off of Ucluelet. Trips are now running daily.

It's "teen time" in Barkley Sound with fish in the low to mid teens being the goal for trips.  Crabbing has also been reported as good again so far this season. Ling /cod fishing has been good as well.

lots of feed of a variety of species including Herring, Anchovies and Squid throughout the area.

Reports from Barkley Sound this week have been good with Chinook in the teens showing up in the surfline area and inshore islands of Barkley Sound.

 The lures of choice have been Skinny G behind a green or blue flasher. Anchovies have also been popular but not necessary when the bite is on. 

The Ling Cod (8-10 pounds) have been stuffed full of squid inshore Barkley Sound and the presence of squid and anchovies is a great sign for the season ahead. 

These preferred foods will keep migrating Chinook in the area all spring.

(Thank you Shaun for exposing your hot gear to us in the photo!)
  Barkley Sound Spring Fishing Gear

Fishing the bottom contours at usually 100 feet or so has been the most successful using downriggers.

Our daily plan will vary depending on the weather, but heading offshore to get Halibut, then back nearshore and inshore to target Chinook Salmon and Ling Cod.

Ucluelet Spring Guided Fishing Options

Ucluelet Spring Guided Fishing Options

Vancouver Islands best early season fishery for April and May. Salmon and Halibut aggressively feeding on the coastal banks and inshore waters of Barkley Sound. Book by the day means you can set your own agenda! Trip Details »

We have more good news on the Halibut limits this year as well!  A larger halibut can be retained up to 60 pounds.  See the details below.

While there are some big changes to Chinook fishing in most of Southern BC, we are very fortunate due to local abundances of non Fraser River origin, that the inside and nearshore waters of Areas 23-27 and 1NM into that portion of 123-127 remain Chinook retention at normal limits .  Ucluelet and Kyuquot will be a bright light on the BC coast this year.

2019 Limits by Species WCVI Ucluelet Area 
(stat area 23/123)

(Kyuquot regulation information link)

2018 Daily limit Trip Limit Comments
1 per day 1 in possession if up to maximum of 126 cm (aprx 60 pounds)
(Tubby Turkey)
 OR OR  
 1 per day 2 in possession 2 up to up to 90 cm (aprox 20 pounds ea)
(Chunky Chickens)
     Must Record length on license Immediately
2 per day  4 in possession Must record on license immediately.
Inshore: Area 23, Ucluelet, Bamfield,  Port Alberni. 2 per day inshore all season

Nearshore: Area 123 < 1nm, 2 per day all season

Offshore: Area 123> 1nm non retention until July 14th

Offshore: Area 123 > 1Nm retention 2 per day resumes July 15-Dec 31
 2 per day  4 in possession  Offshore in area 123 Hatchery Only
     Inshore in area 23 Hatchery or Wild
2 per day 4 in possession  Not required to write on licence on WCVI
   Learn More About Rockfish Recompression
3 per day (aggregate of all sub species) 6 in possession TOTAL In aggregate - see individual species limits
 Sub Species in Kyuquot area:    
Canary Rockfish 3 per day  6 in possession  As part of the overall limit
Vermilion Rockfish 3 per day  6 in possession   As part of the overall limit
Black Rockfish (Sea Bass) 3 per day  6 in possession   As part of the overall limit
Quillback Rockfish 1 per day  2 in possession   As part of the overall limit - try to avoid
China Rockfish 1 per day 2 in possession   As part of the overall limit - try to avoid
Tiger Rockfish 1 per day 2 in possession   As part of the overall limit - try to avoid
Yellow Eye Rockfish- ZERO ZERO must be live release and avoided
Boccaccio Rockfish - ZERO ZERO must be live release and avoided

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DFO 2019 Chinook Regulatons Map

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