Stamp River Steelhead Fishing Report

Early December Report

Beautiful Fall with Great Fishing Underway

  Winter snow always is a signal its time for the legendary Steelhead to be active in the Stamp River System

With the fall rains, early snow, winds and beautiful fall leaves comes the Fall Steelhead "egg munch."

These beautiful fish feed on free moving salmon spawn (eggs) in the river. While encounters with these legends are low compared to salmon fishing, the experience is incredible. 

You know its Steelhead season when the bears are at the river daily to feed on the spawning Chinook and Coho.  They are amazing fishers and its magnificent to be fishing while there are too.
Currently fishing the upper river and encountering Fall run Steelhead and large Sea Run Cuthroat Trout that have also come out of the big lakes, into the river for the annual Salmon egg munch.
  Big Black Bear Stamp River

Cuthroat Trout in Upper Stamp River

  Winter Steelhead Dec- March, Book Online Here.