Vancouver Island Tuna Fishing Charters & Lodging is a specialty late season Kyuquot Tuna fishing trip during the last week of August and early September.

BC Albacore Tuna

BC Tuna Fishing David Murphy Kyuquot 
Albacore Tuna is considered a delicacy. The quality of these fish are at their peak on the West Coast of Vancouver Island

Tuna Fising Limits

BC Albacore Tuna Fishing Boat Full of Tuna  
If the Tuna conditions are right and we find the fish you are in for one action packed day. Generous limits exceed vessel capacity!

Tuna Fishing Rigs

Tuna Gear
Over 20 miles offshore to the West Coast Vancouver Island Tuna Fishing Grounds each way, an incredible journey to an incredible fishery.

Tuna Fishing Pacific Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Map Example

Limited Time Warm Water BC Albacore Tuna Fishing Window

Satellite Technology tells us when the right temperatures exist.

For West Coast Vancouver Island Tuna fishing, the weather is pivotal and can not be predicted to any degree of accuracy weeks in advance. NOAA has decades worth of current temperature data and the most likely week where the stars have aligned annually off Kyuquot is the last week in August.  This is the same time the Pacific Commercial Tuna Fleet fish the same waters.

Water Clarity is equally essential for Pacific Albacore Tuna fishing to be successful. The "BLUE" water is also visible on satellite systems measuring surface chlorophyll levels.  This indicator will also be used on a daily basis to find the best Tuna water.

Murphy's utilizes the latest in the above technology to generate daily reports on conditions and best opportunities, but above all your safety.  We will never take any risks. Safety first.

Kyuquot Tuna Fishing Guide Fleet at the Dock   Kyuquot Sound Fleet heading out of the bay for a big day of Tuna Fishing   In Kyuquot Sound Getting Ready to head out in the Grady

Your Action Packed Tuna Trip Four or Five Day Plan:  

Serviced by top caliber Tuna fishing tackle and vessel equipment and a talented crew with great food!

To give you the best opportunity, we have made these Tuna Fishing trips one day longer than our normal program. This gives you a better window at getting on the offshore Tuna waters. Generally, the weather is good and the warm water currents are closest during the last week of August. Our objective will be to get you into one full day of Tuna fishing out of the four or five day package. The remaining days will be spent fishing for Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod and Rockfish
  • Day One - 3pm arrival at Fair Harbour, Shuttle to lodge, Dinner, evening Salmon fishing
  • Day Two - 8 to 10 hrs guided fishing,
  • Day Three - 8 to 10 hrs guided fishing.
  • Day Four (optional) - 8 to 10 hrs guided fishing
  • Day Five - Morning Salmon/Halibut/Groundfish fishing, Brunch, Shuttle back to Fair Harbour by Noon.

*Tuna Fishing Season - only during the last week of August and first week of September

*Success for Albacore Tuna is subject to water temperatures, clarity and Weather Conditions as determined by Head Guide on actual fishing days.

*This package is a combination trip that includes Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod and other Groundfish.  In the event that circumstances preclude Tuna fishing the trip will not be cancelled, delayed or transferred.  The usual other species will be sought after.

*Your safety is our #1 priority and no risks will be taken.  The trip is over 30 miles one way to the fishing grounds and will only happen if the conditions are calm at time of departure AND if the short term forecast is for calm seas later in the day.  Its a big trip!

24 Tuna Trip Package Trip Calendar

Start End Days Comments
Aug 24 Aug 27 Sat-Tues
4 day trip with 1 day optional Tuna add on
Aug 27  Aug 31  Tue-Sat
5 day trip
1 Boat for two or three anglers
 Aug 31
Sept 3
 Sat-Tues- Tuesday
4 day Trip with one day optional Tuna add on
5 Boats for two or three anglers
   Pacific Albacore Tuna Vancouver Island

Looking for 2025 dates?

Drive In - Rates - 4 day Tuna/Salmon/Halibut/Bottom Fish Package

Fair Harbour Pick Up - 4 DAY PACKAGE  Trips include speed boat transfer to/from lodge.
 Triple Occupancy - $2995 per person****                     Add $250 Per person per day of Tuna***
 Double Occupancy - $3795 per person****  Add $250 Per person per day of Tuna***

  ***In the event that the weather conditions prevent us for going Tuna fishing this Tuna Surcharge will be refunded.

Drive In - Rates - 5 day Tuna/Salmon/Halibut/Bottom Fish Package

Fair Harbour Pick Up - 5 DAY PACKAGE   trips include speed boat transfer to/from lodge
Triple Occupancy - $3995 per person* includes up to one day of Tuna Fishing - No extra Tuna Fee
  Double Occupancy - $4895 per person* includes up to one day of Tuna Fishing - No extra Tuna Fee

  *Plus taxes & gratuities, prices in Cdn dollars 
Tuna Combo Trip Includes:

  • Round trip speed boat shuttle to and from Fair Harbour

  • Accommodations based on triple or double occupancy

  • All Meals

  • Cleaning, Filleting, bagging and storage of catch

  • Rain Gear

  • There will never be any fuel or other surcharges

Not Included:

  • Custom processing of catch and gratuities

  • BYOB - No need to purchase premium marked up liquor

  • Taxes and Gratuities

Ensure your spot!

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Your trip is confirmed upon receipt of a $600 deposit per person.
Full balance is due 120 days before your trip.
We know things can change and are flexible subject to availability.
Let us know 120 days before and we will find you another spot this or next year.