Kyuquot Sound Salmon and Halibut Fishing Lodge

Our lodge on the North West Coast of Vancouver Island the good old days really do still exist. The Salmon and Halibut fishing action will have you saying “remember when”, the day after you get home.

DFO planning processes show a good outlook for angling opportunities on Vancouver Island's West Coast. Average returns are expected to Northern Vancouver Island


Kyuquot is the land of plenty to capitalize on the  numbers of fish that are in the Kyuquot area. Halibut, Lings, Chinook and Sea Bass are everywhere and tagging it Jurassic Park seems to fit the bill. Kyuquot should be on the top of every angler’s list!

Why Kyuquot?

It's location, location, location! At the closest edge of the continental shelf... massive schools of migratory Salmon and Halibut come up on the gravel shoals that are teeming with bait fish, current and structure. The perfect set up all provided naturally. Hence why it has been nicknamed the "Super Salmon Highway"!

Fishing With Rod Co Creators Rod Hsu and Linda Lee visit Kyuquot for Linda's first time 

Day One - Linda's First Ocean Chinook  Day Two - Rod gets beat up by Lings

 Day Three - Linda's First Halibut  Day Four - Sore Arms and tired



 Kyuquot Sound Lodge

Kyuquot Sound Lodge

Nestled in the tiny village of Kyuquot, our land based lodge is just minutes to the fishing grounds. This location has 800 feet of water front, with plenty of room to stretch your legs. Your equipment and guides are top notch and the lodge accommodates up to 35 guests Trip Details »