Fishing License & Salmon Stamp

Bringing your TIDAL WATERS (Saltwater) angling license with you is essential.  It is easy to get ahead of time online. Following is some helpful guidance.
  • The trip is 4 days long - get a 5 day or an annual license.
  • Be sure the start date of the license is the same as the start date of your trip and NOT the date of license issuance.
  • You must get a license AND a salmon stamp, it prints onto one document. You do not need a special stamp for halibut or bottom fish.
  • You will be fishing in Area 126/26
  • When you log in you will get an angler number, create a password and asked for your email address.  Write these THREE things down and keep them in your wallet with you.  If you loose your license using the angler number and password is the only way to retrieve a replacement license.
  • When you print your license, be sure that its not the receipt. These are two separate documents and the receipt does not work as a license, be sure to print the license. You will be able to identify the license by the lines/spaces on it for catch reporting.
  • You must purchase your license in advance online or at a vendor and bring it with you. Paper licenses (from a booklet) are no longer available in Kyuquot.
  • A fresh water fishing license from BC or any other province is not valid in Tidal (ocean) waters.
  • First Nations guests not fishing under a local food fish permit must have a Tidal Waters license.

Salt Water Fishing License