Murphy's Custom Processing

Provincially Licensed & Inspected Sport Caught Fish Processing Facility

Fish that are processed within ”Murphy’s Custom Fish Processing” Provincially licensed facility will be carefully filleted with rib bones and fins removed before being portions of approximately 1.5to 2  pounds which is ideal for dinner for two, or any size you like including full filets. Each piece is vacuum packed using 5 mm plastic, labeled with your name, date caught, species and frozen daily.

Full Fillets and larger portions also available. We will cut it how you want it!  Four different size bags are available.

Portioned Fresh Salmon (meal for 2)   Chilled on ice until packaged   Frozen on site packages
1.5 Lb portions (dinner for two)   Stored on ice prior to packaging   Frozen daily

Flying or Driving?

Either way, we have excellent options for you.


Flying (Drive & Fly) Driving Price
 Meal Portions (1.5 lbs or larger) & Vac Pak  Meal Portions (1.5 lbs or larger) & Vac Pak incoming weight filleted $2.65/lb
( = aprox $1.99/lb in the round)
 Bring your own coolers  Bring your own coolers no extra cooler fee
  Travel Compliant Cooler Includes:
1.5" Styrofoam insulated box
Plastic inner liner
Frozen Gel Packs
Waxed heavy duty cardboard outer
Commercial Grade Strapping
Travel Compliant Cooler Includes:
1.5" Styrofoam insulated box
Plastic inner liner
Frozen Gel Packs
Waxed heavy duty cardboard outer
Commercial Grade Strapping
$50 per cooler Kit (usually 1 or 2 per person) Cooler prices subject to change in season based on incoming costs
  Medium Styrofoam Coolers (suitable for our custom processed catch)
$35 per cooler
(gel packs and outer not included)
Cooler prices subject to change in season.
  Extra Small Styrofoam Coolers $20 per cooler (gel packs and outer not included). Cooler prices subject to change in season based on incoming costs.
  Frozen Gel Packs  $2 each
Fish Storage for unprocessed catch If you are bringing your fish home in the round (head off gutted) to self process or offsite processing you MUST BRING YOUR OWN COOLERS of 100 Q per angler. Our for sale coolers are not suitable. No charge for storage of unprocessed catch. No charge for preparing head off and gutted catch.

Advise Us of Your Intentions

We prepare in advance for your arrival so we can have adequate coolers on hand and be swift with the processing of your catch.  Getting your fish into our freezers as quickly as possible ensures the highest quality.

By letting us know your intentions in advance we will have your coolers on hand (if required), prepare all the legal documentation, print your labels and affix to prepped packages and have adequate inventory for everyone on your trip prior to your arrival.

Guest Fish Processing Plan Online Form - Please utilize if you would like to confirm your processing plan. Or give us a call 250-723-8022 anytime.


Ensuring you receive YOUR catch!

After each day of fishing, while at the dock, either in the boat or on the dock, you along with your guides help, will personally “tag” each of your fish with your plastic fish ID cards. These plastic cards stay with your catch throughout the process until the portions are inserted into its bag at which time a freezer safe & moisture proof permanent label with your name, date, and species is affixed to every portion of your catch.

Your individual fish will also be recorded in your personal catch log sheet aboard the vessel at the dock before you head back up to the lodge. Your guide will submit your catch and catch records to the processing facility which is located on the lodge premises

Our tracking system ensures two very important things.
1.) That your recorded catch gets to you with accurate legal documentation for transport at check out.
2.) That you are within all the legal daily and possession limits required by Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Legal documentation and fish tracking is kept through out the process so that on check out day we
are all confident that your personal catch is provided back to you.

The Last Days Catch

Most guests generally have their limits or close to it prior to the last short morning. The last morning is a big job to pack all your fish and get them ready for your 11am departure from the lodge. We can vaccum pack your fish on the last day, however we advise that you come in a little bit early from fishing if an 11am sharp departure is important to you.

Caring For Your Catch While Travelling

Kyuquot Fish Processing   Gently handle your cartons of fish on departure and in your vehicle while driving out. It is essential that the coolers do not sit in the sun and remain closed. Ideally with more insulation placed on top during vehicle transportation (ie luggage, clothing, blankets). 

This is a great option weather you are flying or driving home. Campbell River, Comox and Vancouver hotels have fish friendly freezers, ask us for recommendations.

Payment for Custom Processing

Your processing records will be appended to the exterior your cooler and an additional copy also provided to you personally at checkout.  The office will process charges after checkout and email you a receipt. The same credit card that you paid for the trip with can be utilized for processing payment with your consent.

How Much Fish Will You Get?

Processed Fish Approximate Yields


Important Definitions:


Round Weight – The fish on the scales fully intact with before it is cleaned. Photo weight.


Incoming Weight – The fillets of fish once the fish are cleaned, back bone and head removed. Fins and bellies are still attached.


Processed Weight – The fillets of fish after trimming of rib bones, skin, and belly fat removed then vacuum packed and labelled. There is also some moisture loss during this process.



Charged Weight = “INCOMING WEIGHT"


These ratios (yields) are based on Canadian and Alaskan Commercial AVERAGES, so fish will vary considerably from these averages because of different run genetics, food sources and varying life history effecting growth rates.

      (Fee based on ) Processed
  Round Weight Dressed Head Off Incoming Weight Weight
  (Photo Weight) (Head off, gutted, bled) (filleted weight before trimming) (take home)
Salmon 100% 72% 55% 45%
Example 30 21.6 16.5 13.5
Rockfish 100% n/a 32% 25%
Example 6   1.92 1.5
Ling Cod 100% 74% 40% 35%
Example 12 8.88 4.8 4.2
Halibut 100 n/a 49% 41%
Example 25   12.25 10.25

 Weights, yields and outputs in Kyuquot are based on your actual daily fish weights at time of receiving