Rockfish Recompression

Operation Deep Release!

No one wants floaters…those deep water fish that are bloated from an expanded swim bladder will die at the surface if just released there. Even though they look dead, they are alive when they come up and with a little help from you, they can be sent back down and live!

This entertaining video helps explain how to recompress these fish, which means releasing them at the depth that they were originally caught. The water pressure recompresses the gas in the swim bladder and allows the fish to survive. All our boats have recompression devices aboard when going fishing for deep water species.

Here is a link to the species that can be retained

These two species must be released - do your part - Rockfish Recompression!

Deep Water Release These Two Species Here is how ! - Rockfish Recompression Video
Rockfish Recompression

Yellow Eye Rockfish Poster