Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report

Thursday February 14, 2013

Hoping for Steelhead on Valentines Day

Well its February 14th and still no big school of fish this year. We are seeing a few trickling through and a few of the trips that we have been running have been okay in certain parts of the river.

The last rain brought the river up a couple of feet and colored it up for a day which usually brings a push of fish. I heard of a couple caught and the was it. It is nice height right now. On the low side but a good height for catching fish.

We will keep at it.

I posted a new video on my Facebook page that a couple of my customers produced. They were out fishing this past fall and our guide Kevin was running the camera.

Unlike other guides on the Stamp we make sure that you catch the fish. Many of the other guides on the Stamp are great fisherman but I see more often than not they are hooking the fish and handing them off to there guests. Our guides will only fish if prompted by our guests and it doesn’t happen very often.

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David Murphy
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