Better Weather and River Conditions on its Way!

After a week of torrential rains local rivers start to drop

October 2 2013

Big Water Fly FishingWith record numbers of fish we also found ourselves with record amounts of rainfall this past week!  What would be normal for late November we experienced in late September.  The rain fall combined with the Hydro dam being opened on Elsie Lake meant very high waters for the Stamp River.  Guided anglers have had the benefit of fishing some other local smaller streams which were not as heavily impacted by the rise in waters.
Chum Salmon on the FlyThe Elsie Lake dam is scheduled to start to hold back more water this week and the weather forecast is much better as well. 

Coho  have exceeded the record as expected and Chinook are on a positive curve now as well with over the minimum escapement into the upper system.  Look forward to more relaxed measures for fishing times and areas starting next week as a result of the increased returns.

Beauty Chinook - Quick Photo & Released   Releasing Chinook Salmon

Fishing with the Black Bears   Big Black Bear Watching

Fish Through the counters to date:

Through September 29, a total of 46,931 adult coho, 3338 coho jacks, 19,661 adult Chinook, 568 Chinook jacks, 88,928 adult sockeye, and 93,512 sockeye jacks are estimated to have passed through the Stamp falls fishway.  Through mid-day September 29, a total of 12,705 adult coho, 957 coho jacks, 10 adult Chinook, 121,556 adult sockeye, and 332,402 sockeye jacks are estimated to have passed through the Sproat falls fishway.

Since September 24, daily escapement counts through the Stamp Falls fishway ranged between 116 (on September 29) and 1093 adult Chinook, and 97 (on September 29) and 710 adult coho. Adult sockeye daily escapement since September 24 was negligible (0 or 1) at the Stamp falls fishway and ranged between 2 and 18 at the Sproat fishway. 

Coho Returns as of Sept 29 2013

  Read the Full DFO Bulletin

Chinook Returns as of Sept 29 2013

River Temperature Trends as of Sept 23

The discharge rate over the past few days is very high and river temperatures have continued to decrease.  Over the past week river temperatures have ranged between 16.8 and 19.5
C at the Sproat fishway.  Temperature data from the Stamp Falls fishway is currently unavailable because the HOBO environmental monitoring system is experiencing technical difficulties.  

River Temps as of sept 29 2013

Read the Full DFO Bulletin


The Weather Forecast

14 Day Weather Trend

This weeks featured menu items at Murphy's Riverside Lodge

This season brings fresh new "Haute cuisine" to the Riverside featuring Chef Matt Dunk.  His five course gourmet preparations are being enjoyed by guests with rave reviews.  Here is some samples from this weeks menu. 

Succulent 4th Course Entre   Appetizers on the Back deck after fishing   Desert, the 5th Course varies every night

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River Salmon & Steelhead Trips

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