Fall Steelhead Season is Now Upon Us

Lots of Fish but waiting for water levels to rise for best fishing

November 10 2013

The river is now coming into one of the best times to fish the Stamp River. Every bump of water from now until Christmas will see good numbers of Steelhead caught. This past week fishing hasn’t been hot, but consistent for 5-7 hookups a day.  With some water those numbers will double or even triple.

Steelhead will conserve energy when the food source turns off which is the case when the low water doesn’t wash the eggs from the gravel.
  Chrome Jack Chinook Salmon

Every bump in water sends thousands of salmon eggs down the river and Fall Steelhead go on the crazy feed when this is happening. If you can match the hatch when this is happening you are in for a big day.

If you are looking for a good trip, you should be going on the next rain. Send me an email and I can get you on my call list. The weather is looking a little unstable for the next few weeks so it could happen sooner than later.

Call anytime for updated report. Winter rates now in effect.
  Heading up the stamp in a misty morning

Big Black Bear Headinig To River to Fish   Twin Black Bear Cubs - Curious as jet boat drifts by...

Fish numbers through the counters to date as of November 2:

Through November 2, a total of 51,393 adult coho, 3807 coho jacks, 28,634 adult Chinook, 670 Chinook jacks, 89,035 adult sockeye, and 93,631 sockeye jacks are estimated to have passed through the Stamp falls fishway.  Through November 2, a total of 14,169 adult coho, 1099 coho jacks, 163 adult Chinook, 122,331 adult sockeye, and 334,271 sockeye jacks are estimated to have passed through the Sproat falls fishway.

Since October 28, daily escapement counts through the Stamp Falls fishway ranged between 4 and 13 adult Chinook, and 10 and 432 (on November 2) adult coho. Adult sockeye daily escapement since October 28 ranged from 0 to 4 at the Stamp falls fishway.  Sockeye continue to move through the Sproat fishway, with daily sockeye adults since October 28 ranging from 4 to 17 and daily sockeye jacks ranging from 1 to 52. 

Chinook Returns as of Nov 2 2013   Coho Returns as of Nov 2 2013

River Temperature Trends as of Nov 7

The discharge rate is still low but has increased over the past few days, while river temperatures continue to decrease.  Over the past week river temperatures have ranged between 12.4 and 13.8
oC at the Sproat fishway (Figure 4) and over the earlier part of the past week have ranged between 10.1 and 11.9oC at the Stamp falls fishway (Figure 5). .  Water Temps as of Nov 2 2013

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The Weather Forecast
14 Day Weather Forecast

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Winter Steelhead - Guided Day Trips

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