Stamp River Steelhead Report

Jan 11 2019

Overview - Availability - River Conditions - Weather Outlook - Regulations


River UP - River  Down - River Up again.....And Dropping.
We have had substantial variability in weather so far this winter with ups and downs weekly. The great snow pack in the mountains is vulnerable to a few days of warm weather and that retained moisture becomes liquid again and makes it way into the rivers and up the rivers go again!  This past week was exactly that.  We were still fishing but it did limit access in the lower river where waters were really high.

There are some fresh fish around and we hope to see more in the coming days as the river comes back into better shape.  Guided trips are running daily again.


Date Availability
Jan 12  Sold Out
Jan 13 1 boat available
Jan 14  1 boat available
Jan 15  sold out
Jan 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 1 boat available
Jan 24 2 boat available
Jan 25,26,27,28,29 1 boats available
Jan 30,31 2 boats available
space varies in February and March.... give us a call. 250-723-8022
Call for more available dates booking now through March  250-723-8022 or email  


Winter Steelhead - Guided Day Trips

Winter Steelhead - Guided Day Trips

Fully guided day trips for two persons by jet boat includes all of the equipment. Trip Details »

River Gauges

DFO has a series of gauges on the river which we utilize to share information on levels.  There is the gauge at Robertson Creek, Stamp Falls and the Sproat River.  Stamp Falls gauge is our key indicator that we follow to indicate trends.  This gauge is below the confluence of the Ash and Stamp, so high higher volumes than the one at Robertson Creek which is on the very upper Stamp.

The graphs below are the 1 month trend. When you click and go to the live data you will see a calendar so you can back date the start date for the graph. The default of the live data set is one week.

The other functioning gauge is the Sproat River. In high water conditions this is very helpful towards indicating the trend but it is a very short river with Sproat lake behind it. The Sproat River gauge which is a few km above where it empties into the Somass River.

Updated river level reports can be generated by links on graphs or at

Roberston Creek Water Levels   Stamp River Levels

Weekly Weather Outlook

Stamp River Weather Outlook

Winter Regulations: Stamp/Somass/Sproat System

Download Region 1 Vancouver Island Regulations

Licenses and Steelhead : Steelhead fishing: Your basic licence must be validated with a Steelhead
Conservation Surcharge Stamp if you fish for steelhead anywhere in B.C. weather your intention is to release or retain. Get your licence online.

Gear: Single barbless hook must be used in all streams of Region 1, all year.

Locations Referenced:
Upper River - Above Stamp Falls
Middle River - Stamp Falls Pool to Girl Guide Falls
Lower River - Stamp River at Girl Guide Falls downstream to and including Somass and Sproat Rivers.

Bait Use Permitted:  Lower River- Stamp River Lower Section starting downstream of signs at Girl Guide Falls located approximately 250 Meters upstream of beaver creek falls. Use also permitted within Somass and Sproat Rivers.

Bait Ban : Middle and Upper River Bait ban all year Stamp River upstream of signs at “Girl Guide Falls” (approximately 250 m upstream of the mouth of Beaver Creek).

The "Girl Guide Falls" are accessed from the Alberni Sportsman's Association on Sportsmen road off of beaver creek.

Quota/Limit: All wild Steelhead in BC must be released. Daily limit of hatchery Steelhead is 2. Possession limit is 4. We encourage limited or non retention of hatchery Winter Steelhead to spread out availability and opportunity. When you have caught and retained your daily quota of hatchery steelhead from any water, you must stop fishing that water for the remainder of that day.

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