2021 Kyuquot Available Dates

 Kyuquot Sound Lodge

Kyuquot Sound Lodge

Nestled in the tiny village of Kyuquot, our land based lodge is just minutes to the fishing grounds. This location has 800 feet of water front, with plenty of room to stretch your legs. Your equipment and guides are top notch and the lodge accommodates up to 35 guests Trip Details »

We are so excited to be getting back out on the water. Three key elements is what made this possible.
  • We have learned from our tourism industry advisors that broader scale travel will be formally announced soon (mid June).
  • The Kyuquot Cheklesaht First Nations, Murphy Sportfishing and other local Kyuquot tourism operators collaborated together in developing a Community Safety Plan.
  • Our Industry Safety Plan has been approved by BC Provincial Health Office, WorksafeBC and Go2Hr.
If you preferred dates are not available send us a note, email for updated availability. 
Start Date End Date Days  Boats Avail. Double or Triple Occupancy
June 14 June 17 Mon-Thurs 8 Available
June 17 June 20 Thurs-Sun 7 Available
 June 20 July 23 Sun-Wed  6 Available
 June 23 June 26 Wed-Sat  3 Available
June 26
June 29
Sat-Tues  2 Available
 June 29 July 2 Tues-Fri  0 Sold Out
July 2
July 5
Fri-Mon 1 Available
July 5 July 8 Mon-Thurs 1 Available
July 8
July 11
Thurs-Sun 0 Sold Out
July 11 July 14 Sun-Wed 1 Available
July 14
July 17
Wed-Sat 1 Available
July 17 July 20 Sat-Tues 0 Sold Out
July 20
July 23
Tues-Fri 2 Available
July 23 July 26 Fri-Mon 0 Sold Out
July 26 July 29 Mon-Thurs 1 Available
July 29 Aug 1 Thurs-Sun 1 Available
Aug 1 Aug 4 Sun-Wed 1 Available
Aug 4 Aug 7 Wed-Sat 1 Available
Aug 7 Aug 10 Sat-Tues 1 Available
Aug 10
Aug 13
Tues-Fri 1 Available
Aug 13 Aug 16 Fri-Mon 0 Sold Out
Aug 16 Aug 19 Mon-Thurs 0 Sold Out
Aug 19 Aug 22 Thurs-Sun 1 Available
Aug 22 Aug 25 Sun-Wed 1 Available
Aug 25 Aug 28 Wed-Sat 1 Available
Aug 28 Aug 31 Sat-Tues 2 Available
Aug 31 Sept 4 Tues-Sat 1 Available

Shared Trips - See shared Trip Page                          

If you are a single or two get in on a shared trip


Drive In - Rates

Fair Harbour Pick Up  
 Triple Occupancy - $2395 per person* Includes Speed Boat Transfer to Lodge
 Double Occupancy - $2995 per person* Includes Speed Boat Transfer to Lodge
  *Plus taxes & gratuities, prices in Cdn dollars

Refund Friendly

We hold firm in our commitment to you in protecting your trip investment. If unpredictable circumstances (eg new BC Health Order) present themselves that change our summer operating plan that would impact your planned trip date.
  • Your trip would be re-booked at a later date if this works for you
  • Rebook for available dates in 2021 if this works for you
  • Or have your full amount fully refunded, if this is best for you.