How To Filet Halibut

Please note that this was filmed prior to the new Cdn regulations where the Pectoral fin and tail must be attached to at least one of the filets for size measurement purposes. Will do a new video this spring to help explain the easiest way to accomplish that.

Learn how to fliet halibut

Kyuquot Halibut Fishing

Kyuquot Sound Giant Pacific Halibut (2012)   Kyuquot Sound - Another nice Halibut!   Happy Anniversary Halibut in Kyuquot Sound

The Halibut fishing outside of Kyuquot Sound is excellent. There are good numbers of Chicken Halibut which are 12 to 25 pounds and a fair number of larger fish which range in the 60 to 120 pounds. We have encountered fish in excess of 250lbs. The new regulations require that we now release the really big ones such as the one shown in the photo on the left. 

You are able to retain two halibut total on a fishing trip, with a maximum of one per day.  Only one of these fish can but up to approximately 70 pounds (133cm) and the other must be under 23 pounds (90 cm). Here is the regulations on the species

All of the Halibut fishing is in a radius of 15 miles from our camps. The water is 150 to 300 feet deep and we use 16 to 20 ounces of lead to stay on bottom. We pick our weather to go Halibut fishing and generally try to go first thing in the morning to take advantage of the morning calm.

 Kyuquot Sound Lodge

Kyuquot Sound Lodge

Nestled in the tiny village of Kyuquot, our land based lodge is just minutes to the fishing grounds. This location has 800 feet of water front, with plenty of room to stretch your legs. Your equipment and guides are top notch and the lodge accommodates up to 35 guests Trip Details »
Offshore Tuna Fishing Trips

Offshore Tuna Fishing Trips

Thirty miles offshore during a small window every summer thousand and thousands of Albacore Tuna are thriving with our reach by speed boat. Using commercial style gear and fishing the same grounds you too can experience a fishing event of a lifetime! Trip Details »