Ucluelet Salmon Fishing Guided Charters

Ucluelet is known for the best Chinook and Halibut fishing available on Vancouver Island during most of May and June.

Its unique location offers an easy paved road access to the most prolific fishing spot in British Columbia. Massive schools of Chinook and Halibut find their way to the large shoals located off of Ucluelet during the middle of spring. Salmon come into the local banks to feed on the large schools of Herring and Sardines that have also migrated onto the shoal. Chinook salmon hang in large schools feeding and bulking up on their final year before spawning.

The limits in this area are generous and are caught daily, making this area more known for its catching than fishing.

We offer day and multiple day trips to this area. This is our 25th season fishing in this area during May and June. If you like action, and taking home a lot fish in a short period of time, then this is place for you.

Beauty Ucluelet Chinook - Nice Fish!   Fish On!   Another nice Chinook

How To Rig Anchovies for Salmon Fishing

Trolling with Spoons behind flashers or fishing with Anchovies is the primary method for fishing Salmon off the banks of Ucluelet.  In this video David Murphy will share some of his tips on how to fish anchovies for Salmon.

How to Fish with Anchovies for Salmon
Ucluelet Guided Day Trips

Ucluelet Guided Day Trips

Vancouver Islands best early season fishery for April and May. Salmon and Halibut aggressively feeding on the coastal banks and inshore waters of Barkley Sound. Book by the day means you can set your own agenda! Trip Details »